Yoga Everyday Challenge!

January 1-31, 2021

The more classes you attend, the better chance you have at winning one of 21 prizes! Join our Facebook Group for tips, motivation and healthy recipes! 

The goal:


To give you extra incentive to stay healthy and happy this winter by encouraging you to attend a class at Morning Sun Yoga Studio every day…or as many as you can!


How it works:


If you’d like to participate, get a 10 punch card from either studio. Each time you attend a class, your instructor will punch your card. When your card is full, turn it in at either studio and pick up another one! Each card that is turned in will be in the drawing for 21 prizes. The more cards you turn in, the better chance you have at winning a prize! In addition, any person who does 30 classes in January (turns in 3 cards) will be entered in for a separate drawing for the grand prize!


What classes count?


You will receive a punch for all classes and workshops you attend, at both Morning Sun Yoga Studio Locations. You can even get more than one punch per day, if you take more than one class!


What if I want to participate, but can’t make it to the studio as often as I’d like?


Good News! You can also take yoga classes at home with Sam Walker! For the month of January only, you can get a 21% discount on unlimited online yoga classes at Sam Walker Yoga. That will be $12 for all the classes you want to take in January. 

Just go to and sign up for the monthly unlimited online yoga. Use the code SWYoga21 to receive your discount. The code will only be valid starting January 1st! 


Next time you’re at the yoga studio, tell your instructor you did a class at home with Sam, and they’ll punch your card!



When will prizes be drawn?


Make sure to have your cards into us by February 1st. Prize drawings will happen on February 2nd at 10:00am! Be sure to put your name on your cards! 



What will the prizes be?


Prizes are still being finalized, but here are some examples:


·     Free Yoga Classes

·     Free Online Yoga Classes

·     Morning Sun Yoga apparel

·     Yoga Equipment, such as blocks, bolsters, straps, mats

·     DoTerra Essential Oils

·     Gift Certificates to local small businesses


Punch Cards will be available January 1st, 2021.

You can start booking your January classes now!

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to love."

-Marcus Aurelius

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